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About yoga poses on (AV 11.4.1, 10, 12, 15) It is clear from the above that one of the most prominent features of the Upanisadic world view, the monistic ontology, was already being developed in pre-Upanisadic Vedic literature. I have argued elsewhere that at the centre of these developments was the concept of prana (breath/vital energy),9 a concept which underwent significant marginalization in the early Vedanta but which became central again in many forms of tantric yoga. This is not, however, to claim that the Upanisads can be understood as simply continuing to develop ideas that were initially formulated in the context of early Vedic religion. The Upanisads show clear signs of influence from outside sources, and this is particularly apparent with regard to the adoption of yoga practice as a means of attaining their metaphysical goals. This issue will be explored more fully below. About yoga poses 2016.

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