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Abdominal yoga on ), speak truthfully, restrain speech, acts and thoughts, be free from lust, be free from grief, be patient, be celibate, be without malice or envy, be firm and steady in all vows and observances, and overcome the five impediments of desire (kama), wrath (krodha), cupidity (lobha), fear (bhaya) and sleep (svapna). In terms of activity, Vyasa provides two lists of yogic practices, which are, however, far from being self-explanatory. The first specifies 12 requirements of yoga: place, acts, affection, objects, means, destruction, certainty, eyes, food, suppression, mind and survey (12.236).43 The second offers ten ways to enhance energy and destroy sins: meditation, study, gift, truth, modesty, simplicity, forgiveness, purity of body, purity of conduct and subjugation of the senses (12.240). Other statements recommend uniting the senses with the mind, fixing the gaze inwards, restraining the senses in the heart and practising the seven kinds of dharana. Abdominal yoga 2016.

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