Abdominal Yoga Poses

Abdominal Yoga Poses

So turning the other cheek in times of crisis becomes second nature because you put less importance on everything in your life, knowing that your Soul and Lover will take care of you.

I gave you the initial reason for us to be in this physical world, which is the possible remembrance of where we actually came from: to be able to appreciate who we were originally and acknowledge that we are a Supreme Glorious Being.

Except there are some basic fundamental issues we have to overcome. This takes us back to another story that Jesus used, that of The Talents.

The way the lesson goes, talents were handed out to a few individuals, and each person handled them differently. Some buried them, some left them the way they were and some managed to invest and increase them

When we agreed to come into this physical world, we had a mission or, you could say, a motive to fulfill. You could think of it as a project or talent to develop, and possibly more than one.

The reasoning behind this kind of concept is to value the creativity that you have always had. In a way your talents lend to the rationalization that you can manifest anything you want. You are placing yourself in the same position as the original Entity when the Universe was created. By developing your talents, these talents become the key to enjoying and appreciating this world and our Self.

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