9 yoga poses to release the hips

You are now in Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana) (6). Push firmly through both hands and feet to drive your hips and chest further upwards, elevating in a nice spinal curve. Keep your head in good alignment with your spine while maintaining equal pressure between your hands and feet. The feet should be flat on the ground throughout this pose. Inhale and keep your chest high to prepare for the next transition. Exhale as you bear more weight through your left hand in order to lift your right hand up off the ground. Allow your left palm to twist on the ground as you reach over to your left side with your right arm. At the same time, you will bring your left foot back to thread under your right leg. This is called a Threading Bridge (8). You will finish the transition in Quad Squat Position (9). Now, reverse the process and swing your right leg under you to your left side as you bring the front of your hips up toward the sky. Place your feet firmly on the ground as you reach up and past your head with your left hand (10). Exhale fully, lift your chest and ribs up high, and place your left hand on the ground to engage in Wheel Pose (11). Be firm and strong in this posture, then perform another Threading Bridge (12-13) and bring your right hand up and over to another Quad Squat (14). You will now engage in Side Plank to the opposite side. You are shifting your weight onto your left hand and now swinging your left foot far to your right side (15). As described earlier, finish strong and balanced in Side Plank Pose, this time with your right arm up in the air (16).

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