9 Yoga Poses For Long Lean Legs

Give any text a first reading of just reading it over. Thus you find a general sense of structure, content and feel of the work.

On the second reading, linger longer and positively ponder on what moves you, make notes and ask yourself questions, initiate the inquiry.

With the third reading begin your detailed study and self-reflection, meditate on the text, drink it in and see what tastes good to you.

Note apparent contradictions, make notes on what inspires you, and maybe take references for future study based on this work. Look for recurring themes, images, symbols and metaphors. Do these work for you?

Have these symbols, metaphors, images and themes crossed the expanse of time and space to communicate some essence to you or do they seem out-dated and of archaeological interest only?

Potentially one could enjoy another thousand readings, how deep does this particular rabbit hole go?

In many books you will find translators commentaries and it is useful to know their perspective on the work they comment on.

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We all apply our filters when we read something and someone who believes in one particular view will tend to comment on the text from that view, whilst other commentators take a completely different stance. It is always useful to access different version of the same work. I have read six different versions of one of my favourite texts – The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

Then there's cultural interpretation to consider. For example in the Svetasvatara Upanishad it says the universe is like a wheel with fifty spokes! Literally? Probably not!

As Swami Tyagisananda says the spokes represent the five misconceptions, the twenty-eight disabilities, the nine satisfactions and the eight perceptions. This is a cultural classification, which may or may not serve us in our development today. Though it also might if we could find enough of a quality interpretation.

So consider, wheels go round, the metaphor of the wheel of samsara still stands from the contemporary understanding of self-construction and the cyclical process of this doer-ship. Samsara is the doer – the one who believes it is in charge, busy seeking success and reward in the world and failing to see that as the doer, it doesn’t really exist. Samsara is when we fail to know our true essence of presence-being.

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