9 yoga poses for runners


The chief sources of life-force (prana) are: air, water, sleep, food and sunlight. Breathing, drinking and sleeping are almost automatic processes about which there is not too much choice. You must continually breathe (and we have discussed this in detail), you drink when you are thirsty and generally sleep when tired. But you are free to choose from a multitude of food products. Therefore, it is essential that the Yoga student understand certain vital principles regarding this choice. You must make certain that you are getting the most possible life-force from the foods that you eat. Otherwise, since foods can sap your vitality as well as nourish you, your eating habits may well be doing you more harm than good! By eating too often and consuming too many heavy, rich, indigestible and devitalized foods you will allow your stomach to drain vital energies from other parts of your body, especially from your physical defense agents and your mental and spiritual bodies. The Yogi believes that the less you eat, the better you will feel, providing your food is of a high quality. If you are forcing your body to digest several of the typical “American❠meals each day, you may well find that your strength, vitality and endurance are decreased and that your mind functions less efficiently. Your organism is a precision instrument designed to function at its peak on small amounts of high-quality food. Such light, high quality food, eaten sparingly has the ability to nourish you and leave important vital energies free to help activate those little-used forces with which we are concerned in this study.


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