84 Advanced Bikram Yoga Poses

84 Advanced Bikram Yoga Poses

We have had numerous famous people die at early ages, for example Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. It does not matter if they committed suicide or overdosed on drugs, they have picked the day when they wanted to die and how. That is not the issue here: they had all reached a plateau in their careers. They all developed their talents to a point where they could not get any higher or better and felt it was time to move on.

We all have a hidden motive to be here a Value Fulfillment. It does not matter what it is: it could be learning to dance, become an artist, run for President. For us to be whole then completing our Value Fulfillment is important for it could be the reason to have us return to this physical world once again.

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When we reach a certain period in our life, especially when the sun seems to set lower each day, we become troubled. We start searching for something out there and we know it is within our reach but we cannot grasp it. It evades us and it troubles us. We suspect it is Spirituality because we are afraid to die.

This where Value Fulfillment comes in. It can be a haunting, nagging feeling that lingers within the mind and sometimes we have no idea what it is that we have to do or develop. Throughout our life there are little hints that come forward, expressing a direction that connects us to our course in life. Sometimes it is only a want or desire, but it could also be a trade or skill we develop over the years.

Also, it could be the need to find our true Self, our Inner Nature, for it is constantly calling out and we do not understand its cries of freedom because, in a way, we are trying to control our own Soul.

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