8 Best Before & After Weight Loss Pics


“I think they’re toxic. The message is, ‘You looked bad before and now you look better’. It tells people that they weren’t worthy when they looked a certain way before, but now that they look different, they’re a much more valuable human being. How does the person in the photo feel? Are they happy? Before and after shots make your worth about achieving a physical ideal. Comparing yourself to others is one of the main things that cause body image distress. For some people, if they look like the person in the before shot, they might think they need to change. If I could create a before and after shot, it would be of how people feel about themselves. If someone had low self-worth and criticised themselves all the time, the after shot would be how much better they feel after they’ve sought help. It would be the internal shift, not the physical change.”

8 Best Before & After Weight Loss Pics Photo Gallery


“Before and after photos are a useful tool for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re a great motivational tool – nothing drives you better than seeing results. Secondly, they’re a great measurement tool as they’re a way to view change. There are strong links between someone’s improved body composition and an increase in their confidence. And on top of that, the people observing the images will also gain a short-term motivation hit from seeing someone else’s results. In my opinion, a physical change in body composition and health gives someone a platform to build from. In saying that, if someone is healthier but not happier, my role is only half done. People can definitely get fixated on their body, and I’m constantly educating them on why that can be a dangerous way to measure success. I’m big on body transformations, but I’m more focused on lifestyle and mindset transformations.”

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