6 instant ENERGY FIXES

Sit up straight ‘Correcting your posture can help you get more oxygen into your body,’ says personal trainer Anna Ferguson. ‘Sit tall in your chair as if you have a string coming from the top of your head to your tail bone, with your stomach muscles pulled in and ribcage lifted. Breathe down into your ribcage to allow for a full intake of oxygen and keep your legs uncrossed for good circulation.’

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Sip some water It’s tempting to reach for coffee, but too much caffeine can make you sluggish in the long term. Lethargy can be caused by dehydration, so have water instead. The Waterlogged app (free for iOS/Apple; Android) will remind you to keep hydrated.

Crank up the music Scientists at the University of Toronto have found that listening to upbeat tunes gives you an instant vitality zap. Anything you love with a fast beat will have similar effects, whether it’s Michael Jackson or Mumford & Sons.

Re-programme yourself at the same time every day, whether that’s after lunch or 4pm? Don’t give into it – get up and go for a brisk just breathe deeply at your desk, so you’ll start associating that time of day with an energy high instead.

Get moving A short burst of activity is ideal for an instant energy boost. Try the 5 Minute Home Workouts app (free for iOS/Apple; Android) for a super-speedy routine. Or grab Do it outside in the sun and you’ll get a shot of vitamin D, too.

Brighten up! Black may be slimming, but putting on some vibrant colours is a simple psychological trick for providing an instant zip. Oranges, yellows and reds are great for giving you a lift. If nothing else, at least put on a zingy scarf or grab a bright bag.

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