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6 easy yoga poses for A black line is drawn with charcoal on the hunter’s body when he washes it off, he also washes away the mental blackness, which had formerly prevented him from seeing or hitting the game. Black Magic Black magic is magic used to cause evil to a person, often illness or death or the failure of a crop.

In many cultures, it the fear of black magic that causes people to use magic to protect themselves or to prevent the black magic from having its harmful effects. Protective Magic Protective magic is used to thwart the evil intentions of another person. The Central Thai, for example, protect their rice fields with emblems of spirits that will drive off those who seek to damage the young plants or steal the ripe ones.

Similarly, the Bemba of East Africa worry about the work of those who use black magic to take all the nutritional value out of their harvest of millet. They protect their harvest with charms, by mixing in some of the previous season s harvest, by conducting the appropriate agricultural rites, by smoking the grain with smoke medicine, and, if they are Christian, by crossing themselves before harvesting the grain. 6 easy yoga poses photos, 6 easy yoga poses 2016.

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