50 Yoga Poses

50 Yoga Poses

When it comes to health, no one can cure you but yourself. If you believe you have to go to the doctor for an ailment then you have to believe that this doctor can cure you. It is a form of Acknowledgment: you have to give that doctor credit for his or her effort.

When we wrote the script to the movie of our life we created all our illnesses and pains.

So when it comes to eating healthily, especially with all the healthy diets out there, it is what you believe will be what is healthy for you. Everything in life is based on a Belief, and you have a choice in believing in whatever you want. The trick for a balance in our thoughts and fears is not to try and convince someone else that you are right.

These are good examples of life and they are a good example of your creativity as being a Super Supreme Being. Enjoy all the creativity of all the pains and illnesses that you have created in your life, and it will only give you a little hint of how powerful you are. Accepting pains and illnesses as normal you will find that what is uncomfortable will not be as bad and could be easier to accept.

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Although we create all of our pains, in some cases it is necessary to go to a doctor for broken bones, gall bladder problems and such, but remember, you will never die before your time.

A good example is when a person has a heart attack, and they are not breathing anymore. They may be resuscitated with the electrical impulses and brought back to life.

However, the majority of those people will die within a few days. Our screenplay continues without exception: life is life, and it is only a game so don’t put too much importance on it.

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