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The Grounding of a Hypo-armored Individual for 5 easy yoga stretches


After having bent the knees, a hypo-armored129 individual often begins to tremble from head to toe in two or three minutes, sometimes sooner. When the therapist sees this, he begins to question whether this individual has hysterical tendencies or a false-self’130 (to satisfy the expectations of the therapist with his behavior), or if he has previously worked with another therapist relative to opening the body in yoga poses another context. If this is not the case, the therapist assumes the patient has a weak ego. He then inquires to check this hypothesis.

In the case of a defense system that is insufficiently organized, the default strategy is to develop the feeling of grounding in yoga poses homeopathic doses for example, for only a few minutes in yoga poses each session with soft exercises, feeling how the weight of the body is distributed on a mattress when the patient is stretched out on it, learning to sit on the ischia, using the stool131 exercise to facilitate abdominal breathing, and so on. There are often two traps to avoid:

1. Nourishing an overdeveloped super-ego by allowing the patient to imagine how he ought❠to behave.

2. Acting in yoga poses such a way as to activate more feelings than the patient is able to contain and understand.

When a therapist uses the grounding exercise with a hypo-armored individual, he has, by default, the following ideas in yoga poses mind.

Vignette on grounding and ego strength. The patient does not have a 5 easy yoga stretches system that automatically limits the trembling, which can indicate a lack of grounding. For Reich (1927a), there is a connection between impulsivity and compulsion. Compulsion is often a defense against impulsivity. The patients who suffer from impulsivity have a tendency to persist in yoga poses voluntarily increasing the strength of their vibrations, even when the trembling is stronger than what they are able to cope with (the grounding then becomes fragile). For such individuals, trembling then sometimes becomes a narcissistic goal, a self-destructive conditioning acquired in yoga poses therapy.

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