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This use of the vibrations activated by this basic grounding 5 easy yoga positions exercise illustrates a way to approach the organism’s vegetative activity as well as the segmental defenses that inhibit this type of mobilization. I have described this exercise without using the word energy to illustrate that it is possible to do this work without using this word. Most of the body psychotherapists who use this exercise spontaneously relate the vibrations to an amplification of the circulation of the vital energy. A body psychotherapist will typically assume that tense abdominal muscles block the circulation of vital energy when the trembling only rises to the level of the abdomen. As long as the therapist does not refer to cosmic energy,❠the metaphor of an energy block is practical because individuals who have already encountered this way of speaking in yoga poses the media easily understand it.

For some individuals, this exercise does not go beyond just being painful. in yoga poses that case it is often recommended to take up the exercise later and discover what is hidden behind this difficulty by using other methods. Sometimes, for reasons based on experience, the therapist concludes that it is useful to insist that the patient continue. There is a whole series of varied postures that are available in yoga poses this case.127 If the patient is only able to survive the exercise by tensing up as much as possible, it is then useful to consider conducting relaxation exercises and other techniques to open up the respiration before resuming the grounding exercise. If the patient has already been standing for 10 minutes, minor alterations in yoga poses the posture can help, as in yoga poses the following example.

Vignette on vibrations. The trembling is greatly facilitated when the weight of the body is 5 easy yoga positions shifted to the front of the feet. At times, Lowen asks an individual to touch the floor with his hands, relax the nape of the neck, and stretch the legs as much as possible without totally eliminating the flexion of the knees (at the maximum, the legs achieve an angle of 170°). This position often accelerates the advent of vibrations in yoga poses the bottom half of the body.

An Active Body

I often use the grounding exercise and the vibrations it activates to help an individual accept that his body can stimulate global organismic dynamics, without asking the mind for permission.128 I join with the patient in yoga poses being curious by admitting that it consists of a puzzling but interesting well-known phenomenon that is easily triggered and not dangerous. With the patient, I rediscover that the trembling seems to be related to an excessive muscular fatigue, but by pursuing the experience, the trembling often allows the discovery of new ways of experiencing one’s body, one’s organism, and the content of one’s mind. We marvel together over the fact that it suffices to take freely a certain type of posture for the body to manifest itself actively in yoga poses ways that the thoughts had not imagined. in yoga poses the face of this trembling, the thoughts are manifestly spectators instead of participants.

It then becomes possible to explore together how an individual makes sense out of the fact that the body has means of expression that the mind does not control directly (in taking up a posture, for example). Some people are frightened by this notion; others appreciate it; still others dream about it later on. One of the interesting questions raised by this exercise is the fact that nobody knows how taking a particular posture can activate this phenomenon.

A certain amount of caution is advised when soliciting the vibrations. The trembling does not necessarily stop when an individual ends the exercise. It is therefore useful to stop the exercise around 15 minutes before the end of the session so that patient and therapist are able to discuss and understand the impact of the exercise for the patient.

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