5 Best Trampolines

FIT BOUNCE PRO £299; rebound-uk.com

ʻWith sturdy bungee cords, this rebounder gives a slightly softer bounce than one with traditional steel springs – but far from it being an easier option, you simply have to work harder to move at speed. The extra material surrounding the bouncing area gives you confidence to work harder, knowing your feet are less likely to slip between the cords, and the accompanying DVD is less frenetic than the Boogie Bounce one (a plus point in my book), but youʼll still break a sweat. The rebounder folds in half and comes with a carry bag but, while the spring-loaded foldable legs make for speedy storage, on the model I tested, they were loose, making the unit rather unstable and noisy.ʼ

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BOOGIE BOUNCE HOME PROGRAMME £139; boogiebounce.com

ʻPreviously only available in gyms, thereʼs now a BB rebounder for home use. Set up is simple, although slotting the T-bar handle into the frame was a bit fiddly and a better grip on the fixing knobs would make it quicker to dismantle. I loved the cheerful colours which instantly inspire you to get on the mat and start bouncing. With a firm action, you can jump fast for a solid cardio session and, in theory, the handle means you can jump high (on my model, the handle was rather loose and wobbled when you gave your weight to it). Add to this slightly wobbly (folding) legs and noisy springs, and your neighbours will certainly know when you’re using it!ʼ

HIIT BOUNCE PRO £179; rebound-uk.com

ʻThatʼs it! Iʼm a convert. Iʼve just figured out why working out on a tiny trampoline is such fun. When youʼre a kid and canʼt contain your excitement, you simply jump up and down for joy – and the sense of euphoria you experience on a rebounder is just the same. Add to this a great cardio and resistance workout, improved lymph drainage, greater bone density and increased fat metabolism and thereʼs not much a rebounder wonʼt do for you. ʻHowever, if you want to up the ante, this compact trampoline might be the model for you. The clever adustable incline option means you can train at different angles, challenging your balance and stamina for an increased calorie burn. Unlike other models, youʼll need to wear trainers with a decent grip – jog forwards and itʼs like dialling up the resistance on a treadmill, turn around 180º and youʼll work your quads even more in a simulation of downhill running. Itʼs hard work, but youʼll see results quickly. A must if you want the convenience of home kit at the fraction of the price of a treadmill.ʼ

TRIMILIN REBOUNDER SWING VARIOO £289; powerhouse-fitness.co.uk

ʻOne of my favourites, the Trimilin, at 120cm diameter, is the largest of the models I tested (the rest are all around 100cm). The greater surface area means you can do a wider variety of moves, while the screw-on legs made it the most stable rebounder on test as well as the quietest – itʼs silent, in fact. Combined with its size, the bungee cord construction means thereʼs a softer, deeper bounce in the centre of the mat than at the edge – useful if youʼre working with injuries as itʼs lower impact. A big plus is you can alter the configuration of the bungee cords to change the bounce from soft to firm, offering more cardio or resistance benefits.ʼ

MAXIMUS PRO PACKAGE £199; rebound-uk.com

ʻIf youʼre looking for an all-round model, you canʼt go far wrong with the portable Maximus Pro. It comes with a DVD for beginners, intermediate and advanced, and the adjustable resistance bands and sandfilled hand weights are great for wholebody training (although you soon want to increase the weight and resistance for a tougher workout). The maximus has a really responsive, medium-firm bounce and, despite the metal springs and quick-folding spring-loaded legs, itʼs relatively quiet (but the kit includes a bottle of grease to silence any rogue springs, if they do play up). When youʼve exhausted the DVD workouts, log on to your account for three monthsʼ free streaming.ʼ

5 Best Trampolines

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