Try the new Meal Measure gadget to take the right balance of key food control of your portion sizes and get groups; £19.99 bobbandcole.co.uk.

Reality check

When you’ve been overindulging, it’s easy to avoid stepping on the scales. But leave it too long and guestimating your weight can get out of hand, according to research by The Health and Social Care Information Centre. It seems most of us think we’re 5lbs lighter than we actually are, with women in their late 30s underestimating their weight by half a stone! Stay on track by weighing yourself once a week or keeping an eye on how tight your jeans are. If the weight is creeping on, make an effort to reduce your calorie intake by cutting out high-fat or sugary snacks.


‘Stay focused. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you gain a couple pounds here or there; just focus on eating healthier.’ Kim Kardashian.

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Dieter’s must-have

If you’re keeping an eye on your waistline, get your hands on the Salter NutriWeigh Slim Dietary Computer Scale. This intelligent device calculates the nutrition value of 999 foods and displays weight, calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate content on the screen. It also tells you how much salt and cholesterol the food contains. There’s an Aquatronic feature for weighing liquids and it also has a memory, so you can add up the nutrition stats for a whole meal! Plus, it’s a bargain at just £46.99; salterhousewares.com.



Greedy Girl’s Diet by Nadia Sawalha

After years of dieting, TV presenter Nadia Sawalha says she has finally found a way of eating that suits her. Sawalha has abandoned her lifelong mission to be a size 10, and accepts that while she may not have the ‘perfect body’, she does at least have a healthy and fit one. She’s embraced her exercise regime, making it a permanent fixture in her life, and enjoys cooking healthy and nutritious meals for herself and her family. Sawalha’s recipes range from filling but low-calorie breakfasts through to sin-free desserts to keep your conscience clear. We love the range of ingredients Sawalha uses. Nutritious and high-fibre staples include quinoa, brown rice noodles, oats and chickpeas, and are used as healthy ha ha he fixt he an sides or to make meals go further without adding many calories. Nothing is off limits, even fish and chips appear, containing just 4g fat per portion! Weekday classics such as spaghetti bolognese and prawn Madras are given a healthy makeover designed to reduce your calorie intake, using low-fat protein sources, while still delivering on flavour. There’s also a low-fat pizza, and a cinnamon chocolate banana shake with less than 250 calories (grated dark chocolate and agave syrup, so no nasties). Yum!

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