3 Things To Check: If You’re Feeling Tired All The Time

How much water you’re drinking

Dehydration can make you feel exhausted, so aim for at least two litres a day (tea and coffee included) – more if it’s hot.

Your vitamin B levels

Of all the B vitamins, apparently we’re most likely to be short of vitamins B2 and B9 (vegans could also be short of B12). Eat more dairy, green leafy veggies, fish, meat, seeds and nuts.

Your weight

It takes more energy for your body to move around if you’re overweight, which means you’re more likely to feel exhausted just going about your usual routine. Losing excess weight will help – plus you’ll also sleep better, which will give you more energy.

The ventilation in your office/ work-from-home space

If you’re not getting enough fresh air, or your room is too warm or too cold, you’ll feel tired: either you’re getting too little oxygen to your brain or your body is using energy trying to moderate your temperature, which is tiring. Open a window – or, failing that, go for a walk.

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Your antihistamines

If you’re taking antihistamines for allergies, check that they don’t cause drowsiness, because most do (histamine is produced by your brain and helps keep you awake). Ask your pharmacist to recommend a non-sedative brand.

• If your eyes are looking a little bulbous or popping out a bit, it could be sign that your thyroid is playing up. Ask your doctor for a blood test to determine your thyroid function.

• If the inner bottom lid of your eye tends towards being white rather than pink in colour, check your iron levels.

• If the whites of your eyes are more yellow than usual, it could be your liver: have you been hitting the party circuit a bit harder than usual?

• Dry eyes happen naturally with ageing and could be an early sign of menopause; it might also be worth checking for an autoimmune condition that affects your tear glands.

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