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Embryology identifies, principally, three types of tissues:

1. The endoderm generates mostly the tissues of the organs.

2. The mesoderm engenders the tissues of the muscles, the fascia, the cardiovascular system, and the bones.

3. The ectoderm especially engenders the skin and the nervous system.

William Herbert Sheldon (1898-1977), a famous psychologist in yoga poses the United States, asked himself if the histological stages influenced the development of temperament in yoga poses individuals. He began to photograph thousands of people who had been the subject of aptitude testing he had conducted. The statistical analysis of his results lead to a distinction between three types of temperaments associated to three types of body configurations, called somatotypesâ:

1. The endomorph is especially influenced by the endoderm, especially the tissues of the digestive tract, which would be particularly developed in yoga poses him This is someone who is gregarious and appreciates good food. He is consequently often corpulent and extroverted.

2. The mesomorph has a particularly well-developed mesoderm He likes to use his strength and vitality by getting involved in yoga poses dynamic and risky activities that require great competence and authority. He therefore has an athletic body.

3. The ectoderm (skin and nerves) is mostly developed in yoga poses the ectomorph. He is a thin, nervous, sensitive, and introverted intellectual.

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