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ROMANCED BY Melbourne’s sophisticated vibrancy, a heartfelt pull drew me to explore yoga in Australia’s cultural capital. Travelling from my hometown of Byron Bay, my only understanding of Melbourne was its reputation for trendy cafés and the latest fashion, so I expected the yoga scene to be much the same: hot yogis practicing in unique, architect-designed spaces in the coolest of yoga threads. What I found was refreshing: a vibrant and diverse yoga community with studios offering traditional practices as well as the most current styles emerging on the yoga scene. During my short venture I went on a serious yoga binge, but only really scraped the surface of yogic activities; there are easily more than 100 spaces offering yoga in this progressive city.

South Side Yoga (Inner south east) I based myself in Prahran and explored the Chapel St Precinct, the place to be for yoga aficionados. There’s a studio on almost every corner; I squeezed in seven yoga classes in four days, all within walking distance or short tram ride from my base. Happy Melon is a chic space co-owned by our cover model, Masha G. With a warm, flowery courtyard and intentionally designed interior, the studio is inviting, encouraging yogis to explore their practice with a focus on mindfulness. Meditation classes are taught in a bright space perfect for stillness and gratitude. Entering One Hot Yoga feels like stepping into a stylish office, clearly appealing to corporate yogis. One of the first of its kind of super luxe spaces, One Hot set the bar for a new style of architect-designed yoga studio. There are mints on entry and mirrors for you to watch yourself getting sweaty in one of their Signature Flow practices.

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