15 Yoga Poses For Beauty

Fragrant Candle (£20) and the Tuscan Rose Cleansing Bars (£8) are perfect for romantic bath times. Available at John Lewis and Fenwicks (£28) with Rosehip Seed Oil which contains 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Suti Rose Water Organic Facial (£18) Toner has a Rose Moon essence – perfect for Valentines.

Affter heading over to Auryveda Pura Spa in North Greenwich. I was greeted by Dr Deepa Apt6 and Collette, the spa manager, and after filling out the treatment forms I was lead into a relaxed treatment room with tranquil music and a very wide bed awaiting me.

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Dr Apte went through my lifestyle and sleeping patterns and took my pulse to find out what was my Dosha type, and she concluded that I was Kapha Pitta – the most healthiest, strongest and dynamic combination to have. But I did have an imbalance within, and she explained that over the last few years my tolerance and patience for things has been lessened, and Kapha-Pitta types should not let things build up inside, only to one day explode. Instead, they should find a constructive outlet for their immense power – perhaps why I love doing yoga so much!

I was given the Pinda Sveda Herbal Bolus De-stress Massage, which began with cotton poultice bags (chuma pinda) filled with a mix of specially selected herbs including triphala and brahmi, and then dipped in specially selected oils which contained nervine herbs such as shatavari and liquorice aimed at pacifying Vata. The bags were then swept all over my body with circular motions, sweeping and tapping techniques to bring all the toxins to the surface of the skin. It felt like heaven, and it wasn’t long before I was drifting in and out of sleep!

Be warned – they use a lot of oil, but this way the contact and sweeping massage movements just flow, and the feeling on your skin is immense. And of course there is a shower for you at the other end with the amazing Holistic Essentials products that also have been designed by Dr Apte.

Also available at the Spa is a wonderful cafe serving only the best Ayurvedic food, and an academy run by Dr Apte offering workshops, courses and yoga teacher training.

An inspiring yoga holiday that will re-awaken your soul…set in the beautiful Tuscan countryside Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation: Would you like to acquire a better grasp of the historical and cultural contexts that shaped the traditions of yoga and meditation as they evolved in India. Tibet. China and Japan? The courses that constitute this degree explore the context and methodologies of the study of yoga and meditation, the origins of yoga in Ancient India, the systems of Buddhist meditation in India and Tibet as well as the East Asian traditions of meditation. Students join the Department of the Study of Religions. All reading materials are online

Asquith London has brought the luxuriously soft Tencel to its Spring/ summer ’13 range. A fabric made from recycled wood pulp.

The Tencel collection includes the Tank Vest, Essential Loose T, Blouson T and bi-colour Box T – all great for layering or as cover-ups and the best selling Twist Front and Wrap cardigans. Its fresh spring colour palette of white, soft grey, dark grey, navy apricot and raspberry flatters all skin tones.

For Spring/Summer, Asquith London has continued the brand’s appeal to the pregnancy market with a range of styles suitable for expectant mums, offering supreme comfort without compromising on style or elegance.

Asquith London products are perfect for yoga practice, travel and retreats, to lounging at home and doing the school run.

The Asquith London collection is available through a network of British and international stockists, or online at asquithlondon.com

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