12 Best Yoga Poses Ever

I feel vulnerable and out of my depth; like a 12-year-old pretending to be a ‘grown-up’. I have landed my dream job. And although I’m settling into this new role with unexpected ease the kind of ease that’s only possible when you fully embrace the unknown and follow your heart, I still feel a niggling sense that someone will see through me. Now that I’m the Editor of Australian Yoga Journal (fancy, huh?), surely I’m supposed to have it all figured out and be enlightened. What if someone finds out that I’m just a mere mortal? Sometimes soaring confidently through life with ease, and sometimes suffering from an egotistical lack of self-worth and belonging in this crazy world. A world where we’re so conditioned and pressured to ‘keep up’ that we can forget to check in with ourselves and into what’s true, real and authentic.

A world where yoga gives us a little time and space to step away from our devices, move our bodies, process our emotions and maybe, for a moment, find that sweet space in between thought, where there is no you and no me and we’re all just a glorious mess of nothingness. Yoga doesn’t care how much money you make, what clothes you wear or how many Instagram followers you have. It’s not about how many ashrams you’ve visited or how long you’ve been practicing either. Our practice is where we go inwards and look at what’s going on.

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A place where we’re free to think, feel and be who we truly are and maybe, in the process, discover something about the world. In yoga there is unity and we can tune into and acknowledge ourselves beyond our external reality. Eventually, inferiority and superiority start to dissipate and ego dissolves. All of this yoga has given to me, and it is my heartfelt desire to share some of its gems with you and support you on your own adventure towards awareness and peace. I’ll be right there with you as you journey through the following pages. From the bottom of my heart, I look forward to walking side by side as we explore the magic of yoga together.

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