10 Relaxed yoga postures

Stand in a relaxed posture Spine straight Arms at sides Feet close together

Gracefully bring hands up to touch chest Palms face outward

Slowly straighten arms outward at chest level Feel elbows stretching

Slowly bring arms behind you Keep them high at shoulder level Feel shoulders stretching

Lower arms slightly so that fingers can be interlaced Do not bend trunk at this point

Very slowly and gently bend backward Bend several inches only Do not bend farther than illustrated Keep arms high; look upward Hold without motion for 10

(Count this 10 rhythmically in approximate seconds)

Very slowly and gently bend forward

Do not bend farther than illustrated

Bring arms over back and keep them high

Neck muscles are relaxed; forehead points toward knees

Knees do not bend

Feel spine stretching gently Hold without motion for 20

Slowly straighten to upright position Unclasp hands; relax

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