10 best yoga poses for flexibility


Under Tension❠we discussed relaxation in terms of a physical and mental letting go.❠Ideally, one should be able to maintain the letting go❠feeling at all times since it is in this state that our best work is done. Most tasks can be accomplished with ease and you are probably aware that the less anxiety that goes into a job, the more successfully that job is done. But unfortunately we have come to think of relaxation as something that is done only at specific times. That is, we set aside periods for relaxation. We believe that our ordinary work is hard, tedious and boring and when the workday is over and the necessary chores are completed we attempt to engage in some type of relaxation. However, most people are finding it more and more difficult to let go even when they are supposed to be relaxing and having a good time. This is because all of the anxious and irritating experiences that have piled up during the workday refuse to put on their collective hats and take a temporary leave. You cannot relax on cue.❠Consequently it is not relaxation that is sought but rather escape and the result is that tons of drugs and oceans of alcoholic beverages are now consumed each year in the United States.


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The 10 Best Yoga Moves for Inflexible People

10 Best Yoga Moves for Mega Inflexible People


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