10 Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety

It is useful to speak of association between mechanisms because there are several modes of association possible:

1. A mechanism A influences more or less directly the activation of a mechanism B (when I think of my father, I often want to be alone).

2. A mechanism A is activated by a mechanism B (when I am alone, I often think of my father).

3. A mechanism C activates an association between a mechanism A and a mechanism B (when my respiration becomes superficial, I often have the tendency to want to be alone and to think of my father).

In all three cases, there is an association between wanting to be alone and thinking of my father, but the underlying mechanisms can be completely different.

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Therapy is generally considered to be an attempt to use a panoply of interventions more or less targeted, that have the goal of correcting painful modes of functioning that put the survival of an organism in yoga poses danger. Most of these modes of intervention were initially created by empirical trial and error. Today, some are supported by the development of technology and experimental research. Psychotherapy aims at domains that are still poorly understood (mind, affects, interactive behaviors, social integration, representations of one’s identity, etc.).

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